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I regularly contribute to the following organizations; Greenpeace (Since 1983), World Wildlife Fund (Since 1985), Jacques Cousteau Society (Since 1985), Southern Poverty Law Center (Since 2009), WEDU/WUSF (Since 2001), and the Metropolitan Ministries (Since 2009). I believe in each one of these organizations and the strengths that they provide to our world. I do not necessarily agree with ALL of their stances but enough to spare some of my paycheck.

The Boy Scouts

Eagle Scout Award

Ialso give to the Boy Scouts of America through my State's vehicle license plate program. I have carried a personalized plate on my vehicles even when it was tough to afford, in order to support one of the largest contributors to the man that I am today, outside of my Momma of course! I grew up in the scouting program starting with the Cub Scouts, then Webelos and then the Boy Scouts. I was lucky to join Troop 262 out of Lynch Elementary in St Petersburg, Florida.  We were a very large troop of around 60 boys making up 6 or 8 patrols. I formed and was in The Falcon patrol. We also had quite a few troop dads. Since my parents were divorced when I was 10, I went through my formidable years having many Dads as my Dad and I grew to love them like they were my own. Because of the strong bonds I formed during these years, I am still friends with many of my scouting friends. Even today we still "meet" on Monday nights which was our troop night, to play cards and socialize. I managed to earn my Eagle Scout badge and one rank past it to earn my Silver Palm right before I turned 18. My troop was very special besides it's large size, we also raised enough money every year selling Christmas Trees that we were able to not only go camping once a month, but every summer we went to a High Adventure base and Summer Camp! I have canoed every major tributary in Florida, the Dells in Wisconsin and rivers in upper Maine as well as quite a bit of the Quetico Provincial Park in Canada. I have also hiked the Appalachian mountains and 250 miles of the lower Rockies. I have so many good memories that will carry me a lifetime of smiles.

The Silver Palm Award:

Silver Palm Award