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It's All Good

Food - I eat almost everything and I will try anything once. I can't eat nuts except for peanuts and almonds because of a food allergy and I am allergic to MSG. I will also not eat liver, or veal,  for personal reasons, and salmon is way to stinky a fish for me and my nose, but otherwise, I'm game!  My current favorite ethnic food is Indian.

Movies - I like all genres! I love to be entertained on the big screen. I especially enjoy Tim Burton's style and I appreciate the advances the industry has made in animation and 3-D. I also like watching IMAX films at MOSI (Tampa Museum of Science and Industry). I also have some DVDs but I rarely watch them, instead I opt for watching movies On-Demand. The only exception is the classic TV shows, such as Star Trek, The Wild, Wild, West and Mission Impossible, all of which I watch regularly on DVD.

Music - I am an avid collector of music and I appreciate all genres. I have around 900 compact disks or CDs. I have over 3000 vinyl records. I just wrapped up spending two long years ripping all of that to digital formats so I can have my music everywhere! I have also purchased music online as well, mostly from Amazon or the band directly. I used to DJ and at one point, I even created a club called 911 in Tampa that was an alternative club. I have met many artists and have quite a few autographed copies of CDs and records. My current collection is around 275 GB with a little over 46,000 tracks. I am listed on Discogs and have my collection on the Amazon and Google + clouds as well as a couple of external hard drives for safe keeping. It's a lot of work to tag and label records. I recently acquired another DJs collection and I am currently in the slow process of tagging and identifying those tracks as well.


Your Bad and Not In A Good Way

Liars - Loathe them...I mean really if you have to lie or feel compelled to then I don't really need you hanging around me. If I put on a dress and I ask you how do I look in this dress I expect you to say you look fat in that dress! If I didn't want your honest opinion why would ask you to begin with?

People that throw cigarette buts out the window of their vehicle. Who the fuck do you think is going to pick that up and where did you think it will magically go anyway, you dumb ass?! Stop smoking and save your pathetic life that someone out there in the world cherishes, cause at this moment I really don't.


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