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Iam a registered Democrat now after I changed from being a Republican, because of the 2002 election and the method in which that party handled it. Party affiliation for me means I get to choose the best candidate during the primaries and that's about it, as I vote for the best person for the "JOB" not the party.

I believe religion is important for some people and I respect and honor their commitment, but I do not practice or believe and consider myself more of a man of science. Religion itself has been a dwindling thought for me over the years, and the icing was the loss of my Momma before her time, to lung cancer. Her priest, father John, is a wonderful man and I consider him to be a good friend. In honor of my mother, I created a website specifically for her church. It is still up and I maintain it to this day. You can find it here.

I believe in freedom of choice, religion, speech and guns (although I don't currently own one).

I believe in being outgoing, timely, intelligent, passionate, honest, sexy, romantic, and open minded and despite contrary belief, I love to hear other people's opinions of the "taboo" topics. I find it fascinating to hear other people's opinions of controversial situations and issues. I also find it amusing when someone who does not have the same beliefs that I have attempts to convert me to their way of thinking. After certain age, if a person has been raised right, then he or she can make their own decisions and those decisions should be respected by others that they surround themselves with. I pick and choose my friends very carefully, although I have a lot of acquaintances, the people I choose to hang out with on a personal basis, are those with that same general belief. I once was accused of being racist and a bigot. I vehemently and passionately will defend my honor in this regard. Some of my best friends are not of the same nationality, race, religion, and political beliefs as myself. I think most of this comes from the philosophy I was raised on in the Boy Scouts where all men are truly created equal.