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The Tijou Family

The Family Crest

The knowledge of my heritage has been passed down to me by my Grandmother, on my Mother's side of the family (her Mother). I will endeavor to learn more about my heritage and add it to this sections. For now, I can proudly display the family crest from that side of the family. The picture to the left is the crest as it was painted on a wooden shield that my Grandmother had. It is one of the family treasures. I scanned the shield and then slowly changed the wooden background to the white one shown here. My grandmother said she had it painted in France by a a "real" Frenchman. in my editing I have tried to keep as much of the detail intact.

I can also tell you that one of my ancestors did the gates that I have pictures of displayed below. He was a master wrought iron worker who crafted the gates at St Paul's Cathedral in London. His name was Jean Paul Tijou.

I have been working on my family tree since my great aunt died in March. I started working on it on the website and you can view it here.

I have also done my DNA test on



Jean Paul Tijou - Gates