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College was so 1980's for me and for me, I discovered it's all about who you know, not what you know. I do have a couple of Associate degrees in Communications and Computers that I received from St Petersburg Junior College (now St Petersburg College), but honestly neither really matters. I also posses a few certifications in the technology sector, most are boring and not worth mentioning with the exception of my CWTS certification which puts me on the path to get a rather exclusive wireless CWNP certification.

High School: I attended Northeast High School in St. Petersburg, Florida. I graduated in 1983 and I ended up with a 3.85 GPA. When I took the SAT there was only 1300 possible points I scored a 1265 or something like that.  They thought I cheated, as another classmate and I scored the same.  I just take tests well.

I had one of the longest senior lists since 1965. I was in many clubs, organizations and the cross country team. Most notably I was on the forensics team for debate and I competed in the State Fair for my architectural drafting. I placed third behind two guys who are still in the business today. High school for me was fun and awkward. I was horrible with my hormones. I pretty much had a crush on all the cheerleaders and any girl that would smile at me. I had friends though in all the clicks. Football jocks, geeks, stoners, and the richy rich. I knew and loved them all. Yep, as I look back, high school was fun. In fact, I ended up creating my class and several other class websites and have also setup an alumni site. So, if you need some assistance setting one up for your class look me up.

Grade Schools: I moved around quite a bit as a child as a result of my father being a career Navy man, but I don't have any negative memories about it. I know there were a couple of times when I had to take really long bus rides to school (over an hour) and I remember hating basketball mostly because I suck, but that's about it. After my parents were divorced and we moved back here to St. Petersburg, I spent a couple of years At Lynch Elementary and then I moved on in sixth grade to Meadowlawn Middle School located right next to Northeast High School. in middle school, I was enrolled in what was once considered "advanced classes" or the ELP program. because at the time the program was so small, the students in that program with me traveled classroom to classroom teacher to teacher together. It was quite a unique experience and it made for an interesting day because we really got to know each other quite well. Most of the students I would see again in high school. The only standout for me in middle school was the fact that I was a promising arts student and an amateur photographer who was actually able to develop film in school. the supported me the ability to forgo PE in my eighth grade year in little of a large art project I had within the school itself. My art teacher at the time, Jill East, was a wonderful woman with incredible talent. She took it upon herself to paint an entire wall inside the school with a mural depicting Florida wildlife and fauna. Each of her talented students  painted a small segment of the mural itself and she provided support to fill in the gaps between each project. Although in my opinion I was really a horrible painter, I really did enjoy it quite a bit and it brings back wonderful memories.

Strangely I am often asked what my IQ is, I have a tested IQ of 189, although sometimes I feel like it is probably a false positive. at one point during my early 20s I actually joined Mensa for a year. I think anyone can join as long as you qualify by taking the test and are able to fork over the money. Nowadays, it truly just doesn't interest me, as I stated earlier, I find that most of my ability lies within my logic and with that my ability to take tests.