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  • WeirDave Club MTV ID Badge (1991)

    This is my WeirDave Club MTV ID Badge (1991)

  • Pre-WeirDave (Raymond David Paine III) - (1967) Age 2

    Pre-WeirDave - (1967) Age 2

  • Weirdave The Beginning (1983) Age 17

    Weirdave The Begining (1983) Age 17

  • WeirDave dancing (1989)

    An intimate action shot with a theatrical background (1989)

  • WeirDave Dancing side view (1989)

    Another theatrical shot (1989)

  • WeirDave Dancing in white! (1993)

    WeirDave in white! (1993)

  • WeirDave working at the St. Petersburg Grand Prix (2000)

    WeirDave - St. Petersburg Grand Prix
    First year of shaving my head...(2000)

  • WeirDave and his wife at a holiday party

    WeirDave and his soon to be wife
    at a holiday party (2002)

  • WeirDave and his beautiful bride (2003)

    WeirDave and his beautiful bride (2003)

  • WeirDave enjoying a cigar in a bowler (2004)

    WeirDave sporting a bowler
    and enjoying a fat cigar (2004)

  • WeirDave at a premier (2005)

    WeirDave at a premier (2005)

  • WeirDave fishing (2006)

    WeirDave loves the outdoors
    like camping and fishing (2006)

  • WeirDave and his Momma (2007)

    WeirDave and his Momma (2007)

  • WeirDave guest starring in the Zumanity Show (2008)

    WeirDave guest starring in the Zumanity Show (2008)

  • WeirDave and friends at The Castle Club (2009)

    WeirDave and friends at The Castle Club (2009)

  • WeirDave in front of University of Moscow, Russia (2010)

    WeirDave loves to travel
    University of Moscow, Russia (2010)

  • WeirDave and friends at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Monday Night Game (2011)

    WeirDave love sports
    Tampabay Buccaneers Monday Night Football (2011)

  • WeirDave dressed in a 1950's Mob Coat (2012)

    WeirDave at work - Mob Day (Halloween 2012)

Oooo! Oooh! Hey, aren't you that guy from MTV?! YES...

In 1991 during the height of my career in the nightclub business I was working in a club in Orlando called The Cuda Bay club. At the time, I had been working in the club business for several years. My partner in crime is known as Stan "the man" Priest (and he is still in the business). We had been together as a DJ and light jock for several years and through many different clubs and cities. We were known as Weird and Feared. During a trade convention called Lighting Dimension International or LDI for short, we both sat on panels that were open for discussion about our individual art form. I was voted Lighting Technician of the Year and Stan became a Billboard ® reporter. In that same year Disney ® teamed up with MTV ® to stage a state wide dance contest to be held at the newly opened Pleasure Island club called Mannequins. Since I was given my name WeirDave by another DJ (ThanksSeb!) due to my dancing style and over the years many people would come to the clubs we worked at to see me dance, I decided to enter after some additional coaxing from my good friend Michael Goldman who was working for Disney at the time as their Promotional Director. The contest lasted about a month. There were about 3000+ applicants over the stages. I won my stage and went to the semi's. After winning the semifinals I had one week until the finals. I was nervous because the songs that they had been picking for the contestants to dance to were not my style. I was hoping that out of all the songs that they were using that I would get lucky enough to get KLF's 3AM Eternal, which was the best one of the bunch back then for a gothic style person such as myself. As luck would have it, at the semi-finals, the song I drew was Marky Mark's Good Vibrations. I was not pleased but as I said I won the semi's so I just kept my fingers crossed for the finals. At the finals I did get the song I wanted but my shoe flew off during my audition! I was a little shaken but I was determined so I kept on dancing and .... I won!!! The Grand Prize was a trip to NYC to film 15 episodes of Club MTV!!! These episodes were the equivalent of 2 YEARS worth of shows and we did it in 2 days! It was a rush! So now you know how WeirDave (Weird Dave) ended up on MTV. Occasionally they show an old episode of Club MTV and you just never know you may just see me!


Promotional Shot

Promotional Shot of Weirdave / R David Paine III used by MTV

(Used for print ads and marketing materials)